Sparrow Creek Cemetery

Sparrow Creek Cemetery is located in White River Township of Randolph County, Indiana. It is 580 yards north of road 200S and 320 yards west of road 500W. It is located at the edge of two fields and is but a clump of trees about 30 feet in diameter. Sparrow Creek runs about 100 yards west of the cemetery.

Randolph County, Indiana

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Sparrow Creek Cemetery
White River Township
Randolph County, Indiana

From History of Randolph County, Indiana by Ebenezar Tucker, 1882.

Sparrow Creek (north of Buena Vista; Section 33, Town 20, Range 14). This
graveyard is much out of repair. Few tombstones are found. Daniel Beals’ grave
is there, who was quite aged. Several Addingtons lie there, but no gravestones
except Daniel Beals, show an age beyond sixty years. Many graves appear, but
nearly all have only rough stones, without any mark or definite token. A
friends’ Meeting House was once here, but it has been gone for forty years or
more. The cemetery has an old fence around it, but the only way of access is
through an old field, and it is, perhaps fifty rods from the highway. (pg 129)

View from the east, July 1991

Sparrow Creek Cemetery Reading
by David V. Addington

The Sparrow Creek Cemetery is located in section 33 of White River Township
about 3 miles south and 1 mile east of Maxville. It has been abandoned for
decades and even was reported as such in Tucker's 1882 History of Randolph
County. It was originally next to a Friends Meeting House which was built
about 1840 but burned down about a year later. The cemetery is located on land
originally entered on by Daniel Beals. The cemetery which is little more than a
small clump of trees is located about 320 yards west of county road 500W and
about 580 yards north of county road 200S. The author David Vern Addington,
(ggggrandson of Joseph Addington) and his aunt, Eunice Addington, visited the
cemetery on 26 October 1990 and found about 12 stones, all overturned and
many partially buried. The cemetery was again visited in July 1991 and
in August 1994 during the 1994 Addington Reunion.
Two stone spires about 2 feet tall marked the site of
Addington graves. (~ means unreadable)

One stone spire reads:
Side 1              Side 2              Side 3             Side 4

Father              Thomas            Elisha               Rachel
Joseph           Addington         Addington         Eliott
Addington     14th 7th mo       11th 9th mo     13th 10th mo
21st 7th mo     1811                1817                 1800
1776                                       4th 3rd mo
20th 2nd mo                           1839
1836 -
-            ;;                                   Stephen
Mother                                    Addington
Celia                                        12th 1st mo
Addington                                1822
22nd 2nd mo                           1st 3rd mo
1785                                        1839
5th 3rd mo

The 2nd Addington spire reads:
side 1                     side 2
Thomas                 Mary
son of                    his wife
J & E                     born
Addington              1M 18. 1786
born                      died
12M. 1. 1778        4M. 25. 1846
3M. 8. 1839

The remaining individual stones read:
Daniel Beals               Rachel E.               Enos                  S O
died                           dau of                     son of               (infant stone
Apr 22, 1856            D & L Beals            D & L Beals     found nearby)
age 71 yr 3 mo           died                       died
15 days                      sep 26, 1851         Dec 10, 1851
age 2 yr 5 mo             aged 11 yr 11 mo
5 day 2 day

Jos Oren                     Sarah               Zere (or Lera)               Thomas Addington
died                             ~                       ~                                 2nd 17 day 1855
Oct 4, 1838               J. Oren               Daniel   ~                        aged
aged 43 yr died               ~                                                        23 yr 4 mo
3 mo 12 day               ~   1833             aged 6 yr 5 mo               18 day
~ 18d

Joseph Addington (1776-1836) and Thomas Addington (1778-1839) are sons of John Addington (1745-1833) and his second wife Elizabeth Heaton and grandsons of Henry Addington (1720-1787) and his wife Sarah Burson (1723/26-1826).

Another reading of the cemetery was done and reported in the “Hoosier
Genealogist”, March 1991 by Thomas D. Hamm.

Sparrow Creek Friends Burying Ground
White River Township, Randolph County, Indiana

Submitted by Thomas D. Hamm*

The long-abandoned Quaker cemetery is located on section 33 of White River
Township about two miles southeast of Maxville. It is in a clump of tree in a
field on the west side of County Road 500 West, enclosed by an old fence. Here
was once the Sparrow Creek Friends Meetinghouse. All of the tombstones that
could be found were copied 3 November 1990 by Thomas D. Hamm and
Gregory P. Hinshaw. Additional information about some of the persons buried
there is supplied by Mr. Hamm.

Thomas Addington, song of J & E Addington, born 1st Mo. 1, 1788, died 3rd Mo.
8, 1839 [Son of John and Elizabeth]

Mary, wife of Thomas Addington, born 1st Mo. 18, 1786, died 4th Mo., 25, 1845
[Daughter of Thomas and Mary or Mercy Smith]

Joseph Addington, born 21st of 7th Mo. 1776, died 20th of 2nd Mo., 1836 [Son of John
and Elizabeth]

Celia Addington, born 22nd of 2nd Mo., 1785, died 5th of 3rd Mo., 1852 [Wife of Joseph,
daughter of John and Elvira (Cain) Townsend]

Thomas Addington, born 14th of 7th Mo. 1811, no date of death [Son of Joseph and

Elisha Addington, born 11th of 9th Mo. 1817, died 4th of 3rd Mo. 1839 [Son of Joseph
and Celia]

Stephen Addington, born 12th of 1st Mo. 1822, died 1st of 3rd Mo., 1839 [Son of Joseph
and Celia]

---- Addington, died Ind Mo. 17, 1855 aged 23y, 4m, 8d [stone broken]

Daniel Beals, died Apr. 22, 1856, aged 71y, 8m, 15d {Son of Jacob and Elizabeth (John)
Beals. Married his cousin, Katharine Bales, born 3-28-1790, died 12-10-1874, buried at
Chester in Wayne County, daughter of Daniel and Susannah (Jackson) Bales.]
Zeri, son of Daniel and Levinah Beals, died Jan. 28, 1864, aged 6y, 5m, 18d. [Daniel
Beals, son of Daniel and Katherine (Bales) Beals, married Levinah Hiatt in Randolph
County, 24 December 1848.]
Enos, son of D & L Beals, died 10 Oct 1851, aged 1y, 11m, 2d.
Rachel E., daughter of D & L Beals, died Sept, 16, 1851, aged 7m, 5d.

Rachel Elliot, born 18th of 19th Mo., 1810, no date . {Daughter of Joseph and Celia
(Townsend) Addington, married 3 November 1828, in Wayne County, Seth Elliot.]

Joseph Oren, died Oct. 4, 1838, aged 49y, 6m, 17d.
Sarah, wife of Joseph Oren, died March 16, 1837, aged 46y, 7m, 16d.

Henry Puckett, Dec 3rd of 2nd Mo. 1841. {Perhaps son of Richard and Susannah (Beals)
Puckett, born 2nd Mo. 1, 1841.]
One fragment of a stone was found; all that remained was ---m,. 16d.

*Thomas D. Hamm, a member of the Family History Committee of the Indiana Historical
Society, is an archivist at Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana.


Recent view of Sparrow Creek Cemetery  (29 Apr 2005)






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